A true Artic treasure of ancient historical history
of the working class breed of husky sled dogs Siberian Huskies
are a resilient breed of husky dog,known for their ability to
thrive in the arctic cold.  They were originally bred by the
Chukchi tribes for use as a village dog to accomplish such
tasks as herding reindeer, pulling sleds, and keeping
children warm.
      Having been raised with all types of animals, from
hoofed to exotics and doted by numerous humans.  
The Huskies have an excellent disposition and have a
extreme athletic abilities to grace the home.  They
make wonderful pets.  It's almost unimaginable that
they are comfortable swimming in a stock pond or
even having a monkey straddle their back.  Our
Huskies are truly versatile, but most importantly, we
produce outgoing, loving, lifelong companions.   Our
policy is $200 deposit to hold the puppy until he or she
is ready to go which is nonrefundable, but holds your
puppy.  We will make all shipping arrangements
when the puppy is at age to travel to their new forever
home.  All paperwork will be attached to the travel
crate.  The puppy will be current on all vacations and
deworming, as well as, registration papers.
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